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Our story


Timeless design. Responsible production.
Complete transparency.

Our way

Timeless design. Responsible production. Complete transparency.

What began with Marta and Bartek's idea to create a transparent, responsible brand, has grown sustainably over the years into what Elementy is today: Polish at heart, international in mind.

Established in 2015, the company is constantly evolving, adjusting to Your needs and developing in order to keep pace with our rapidly changing reality. We urge our clients to make conscious choices.
We offer the sale of used items at lower prices. Our collections are complementary and the models you love are available for many seasons.
We want to make fashion better.

Brand founders, Marta and Bartosz
We use vegan leather in our products


By approaching fashion with a perspective of longevity, we can help you construct your wardrobes in a way that is mindful of our environment and our future. This can be achieved through encouraging others to buy locally and shortening the production and supply chain as much as possible.


When we think of future of fashion, we see good quality clothes at affordable prices, universal availability of sustainable fashion. But most importantly, items that enhance all the qualities and personality of someone who is wearing the clothes without overshadowing them.


What is very important to us is that there are people behind the clothes we make. While still growing and expanding, Elementy still consists of a small and trusted group of people. In our studio, connected with the main office and the sewing room, 16 people work on a daily basis. The company employs people of various nationalities, gender, age and professional experience.


For us, sustainability is a journey. It is a commitment we make every day through the many decisions we make. We realize we have a long way to go and we face new challenges every day, but we will continue working on our commitment to be a responsible fashion business focused on designing and making products which maintain their quality and functionality over time.

Studio tour
Design and construction studio

From the beginning of the brand's existence, our headquarters are located in an industrial space in Warsaw's Praga district. We have an office, a design and construction studio, a pattern room and a small sewing room. where we sew prototypes, and sew small batches of clothes.

All of the prototypes are created in our sewing room
When it comes to graphic design, Figa is a huge support for Klara
The design team's meeting with our production manager
Sebastian preparing an issue of hang tags
The majority of knitwear is produced in Poland

The sewing room is the heart of the company - here designers, constructors, technologists and the head of the sewing room refine the models and give them their final shape. The creation of each Elementy piece of clothing is a multi-stage process that takes from a few to much more days of work and goes through the hands of at least 10 people!

Galinka ironing an open sweatshirt
Ira preparing the production of sweatshirts


Join our mission to change the approach to consumption and the creation of fashion.

Mrs Marta spreading and carving out the Summer Dress
Ania plotting some patterns