Vogue Hope

For the first time in the 128-year history of the magazine, all editions from around the world are united around the theme of hope and interpret it in their own way.

"For us, hope means looking to the future with peace. Hope protects us from cynicism and pessimism, and above all, it allows us to always see the positive side of the world. Our hope lies in the producers who used to start their sentence with "me" not so long ago, but today they start with "we", because the transparency of the company's operations has become a value. In fashion, hope is thinking about the full life cycle of a product, including its disposal or a second life. Each of us makes choices every day and the belief that every little decision matters and changes the world motivates us to act. We, as consumers, shape reality. It is worth remembering this."
The invitation to participate in the Hope project was a great honor for us. We have noticed the importance of the brand we have been building. Vogue editors chose us as the only representative of the fashion industry, next to such exceptional figures from other fields as Jurek Owsiak, Adam Bodnar, Joanna Mytkowska or Hania Rani. The magazine invited 41 representatives of culture, science and activism to participate in the photo shoot. Each of them told Vogue what hope meant for them, how to to get it and what they wish for when it comes to our country's nearest future.
As part of the meetings with the heroes of the "Vogue Hope" project, model and activist, Dominik Sadoch, the designer of innovative materials, Vera Banaś, and Marta Garbińska-Włodarczyk with Bartosz Ladra from Elementy brand, discussed the topic of sustainable development, eco-conscious fashion and social responsibility of the industry. The talk was lead by Filip Niedenthal, Vogue Poland's editor-in-chief.