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In October 2020, on the occasion of our 5th birthday, we launched the Relove program, which made it possible to give us Your Elementy clothes and buy them second-hand through this platform.

"The Relove project appeared in our minds as early as 2018. It required a lot of preparation. One of the biggest challenges for us was finding a partner who would deal with the recycling of clothes. At that time, the Polish market of ecological fashion was just germinating and hardly anyone was interested in secondary recycling. the use of materials. To this day, the minimum weight of products delivered for processing is very high, but thanks to negotiations we managed to conclude a contract with one of the largest processors on the market. We see a very high potential for the future in this cooperation - it will certainly not end with one project " says Bartosz Ladra
Relove is our answer to responsible shopping. It lets someone else love what no longer makes you happy. If you give us back clothing bought at Elementy you will receive a discount for something new as a thank you gift from us. You can receive 10, 15, or 15% discount depending on how much repair the item needs.
The graphic design of Relove was provided by the well-known Polish illustrator Ola Niepsuj. In the design, she combines traditional techniques with digital drawing and gives Relove a bit of retro and nostalgic character.