Elementy x Geszeft

Hello Katowice!

Geszeft is a local product store, an independent region promotion point and a cafe in one. The place aims to promote young Silesian fashion and design designers, artists and authors of publications. There, You will find jewelry made of coal, T-shirts promoting the Silesian dialect, illustrations of Silesian myths, as well as books about local architecture. And all this to show the identity of the region in a new, contemporary fashion. Geszeft is not ashamed of local tradition and proudly derives the best from it. The store is located in a modernist tenement house in the Koszutka district, where one of the first Pewex stores in Katowice operated decades ago. In Poland during communist era, Pewex would constitute the only window to the world beyond the iron curtain.
Our cooperation with Geszeft started in mid-2018. In June, we expanded our part of the store, thanks to which even more of our products are available in Silesia. The architect and owner of the store, Joanna Kubiniec, is responsible for the interiors and design of the store.
Below pictured Michał and Joanna Kubiebiec, Geszeft founders.