Shop visit: Mysia 3

Today we visit our store on Mysia 3, where we invited two unique and sensual brands - Ministerswo Dobrego Mydła and Glyk Company.

We always think about our spaces as a whole, so in our boutiques you can find unique products from other brands. On Mysia 3, you can try out the handcrafted natural cosmetics from Ministerstwo Dobrego Mydła. Our choice - bath bombs!
The second very sensual brand is Glyk Company. Glyk impressed us with its fragrances so much that we decided to make our own candle. The fragrances used to produce the candle come from France and meet the EU directives and IFRA standards. They are not tested on animals. They do not contain phthalates, parabens or artificial colors. All the raw materials used in the production of candles are tested and of the highest quality.