Twój Styl Marka Roku 2020- Elementy

The Fashion Excellence of Twój STYL magazine awards were presented for the 22nd time. "Classic designs for years, eco novelties, interesting ideas and phenomena. Magzyn appreciates the winners for their creativity, consistency and openness to new challenges."

The BRAND OF THE YEAR 2020 award is a great honor for us. This year we celebrated our 5th birthday and this award showed us that the direction we took five years ago is right. The year 2020 was special for us not only because we were struggling with the hardships of the pandemic, but also because we managed to launch the Relove program after a long time of preparation, which attracted the attention of the jury of the competition. Thank you.
"Ecological sensitivity, the zero waste attitude, is a duty that both our readers and modern clothing companies understand. That is why we recognize and reward concepts that allow us to continue to enjoy colorful, attractive fashion, but ensure that it is created in ecological technology, using the recycling process. Designers proved that things created in this way do not have to be modest, ascetic. Because fashion needs momentum, effect, but it cannot be irresponsible ", says Jacek Szmidt, editor-in-chief of Twój STYL magazine
Due to COVID restrictions, this year's first awards ceremony was held online.